"IN A case of dreams coming true, the regional radio industry is undergoing a seismic shift with a new proud local owner of two broadcasters.

Former GoldMX announcer Samele Haell, whose background is in community radio, has now gone from former employee to outright owner of both the 1611AM station and 88FlyFM within the year.

With the winding up of the Weekender newspaper after 28 years, Mr Haell negotiated the buyout of the radio stations with the takeover signed off and the first broadcast set for Monday, January 17.

Mr Haell has plans to revamp the station with some programming tweaks touted, new local focus spots, but always maintaining a respect for the listeners, “the reason we do this”.

He has already hired respected Sales Manager Sarah Holden, with more than 30 years experience, Technician Rhi Tetlow and award-winning Editor and Journalist and three-time author Ian Beeck.

“The two stations have so much potential, so much availability to produce local content, showcase regional musicians and generally be a forum for relevant news and events, along with an increase in local sports previews and results,” he said.

“With no middle and upper-management, we are cutting red tape and bureaucracy to be able to make immediate decisions, along with tailoring advertising specifically for the client.”

Minority and fringe groups previously not having many forums to get their message across will be highlighted, and an app will be developed for the stations that will also include a calendar of events, travel tips and tourist information.

“I’ve felt for some time now, that Albany has been denied a locally owned, independent broadcast media that engages with the community. Albany and the Great Southern are wonderfully diverse in cultures and I’d like to think we can facilitate that engagement, to give us all a voice,” Mr Haell continued.

“Albany is a hidden gem of talented people, musicians, artists, artisans and performers across a multitude of media … I want to highlight this to the world as we stream on the net already, and building an app for folk to tune in to GoldMX or 88FlyFM no matter where you are will go a long way toward that goal."

“All I can really suggest is, tune in and find out.”
GoldMX began broadcasting in 1998 and is recognised a classic hits radio station with music predominantly from the 1960 – 80s.
88FlyFM commenced in 2006 and plays the current top 50 singles.
The stations will initially retain its offices on Stead Road."